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The meander of Arda
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One of the most beautiful meanders of the river Arda.
The meander of Arda near the village of Star Chitak – one of the most beautiful meanders of the river Arda is where the river Borovitsa flows into it. It is located about 30 kilometers west of Kardzhali.

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Kara Yin Thracian tomb
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Kara Yin Thracian tomb XI – VIII century BC.

The Kara Yin tomb was discovered by Haskovo local historian Boris Kolev, who discovered several more rock tombs in the area. It was studied by archaeologist Georgi Nehrizov. The rock massif in which it is carved is known as Ak Kaya (from the Turkish White Rock) because of its light color. The rocks are of volcanic origin, and their shapes are strange and strange, due to weathering over time. In general, rock-cut tombs precede dolmens. Most researchers associate them with the Thracians. Their dating is in the period XI – VIII century BC.

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Ustra fortress
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Ustra is the name of one of the most preserved fortresses in the Rhodopes . The foundations of many of the buildings and towers remain from it. The fortress was built in the Middle Ages and during its existence was mainly under the rule of the Byzantine Empire . Ustra was built in the 10th century to guard the trade route passing through it. The fortress is located near the village of Ustren in the Jebel municipality , Kardzhali region . It is located on the highest part of a steep peak and from it there is good visibility for a long distance.

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